Company Profile
          Vision & Mission
         Hot intermediates
         Quinoline series
         Pyridine series
         Fluoro toluene series
         Trifluoromethylbenzene series

We can do:
Synthesis of novel and/or known compounds
Explore new synthetic chemistry
Process research and development
The service could be either FTE based or Project based.

Reafon advantages are:

Access to skillful and creative chemists
Most comprehensive chemistry literatures and search engines in China
Experience in varieties of reactions
Easy communications & in-time response
Competitive costs

Our team:
REAFON R&D center have team of 9 skillful,experienced chemists,Two of them have Doctor degree, Two of them have Master degree, while the others all have bachelor¡¯s degree. Among these members, some chemists once were working in top university, some PHD graduated from Zhejiang University , Nanjing University and Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry.

(our team photo is taken before lab building)