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Reafon Industry Co., Ltd. is one young and lifeful company, built up by experienced chemists and marketing team in 2007. Our core business is Contract Research and Custom Synthesis in pharmaceutical field, we focus on the pharmaceutical intermediates developing and production from gram grade to kg grade, even ton grade. At present, we had produced around 300 products including quinoline derivant, pyridine material, benzene compound and so on.

Our office is located in Ningbo Hi-Tech Park where is close to Shanghai, it would only take three hours by train or bus from Shanghai to our city, the office are doing marketing, logistical, financial jobs and so on- all the functional jobs besides production activity. Also we supply sourcing service for old customers if they can not get good and reliable source by themselves, with good knowledge about Chinese market we can always help customer to find what they need.


Our laboratory was settled in Ningbo University Chemical Industrial Building block where located in quiet and neat place, all the R&D jobs and gram&kg grade production are done there, we have team of 10 experienced chemists, two of them have Doctor degree, Two of them have Master degree, while the others all have bachelor’s degree. Among these members, some chemists once were working in top university, some PHD graduated from Zhejiang University , Nanjing University and Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry.


For scaling-up, we produce material in factory which invested by China Science Academy Jiaxing Branch, as good partner, they have excellent facilities and experienced worker, advanced analysis center, with these good condition, all of our production plans were performed successfully over there.

You are welcomed to send us inquiry on any compound, any process and any job, we will evaluate and answer you within two working days, hope we could some work for you in near future!